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3x strength
3x efficiency

With X3 bar you can achieve in 10 minutes what a day in the gym can, increase muscle growth and lose fat at the same time.

100% Satisfaction guarantee - 9/10 are 5 star reviews

What is X3?

X3 is the breakthrough patented technology that delivers variable adaptive resistance to achieve a stronger effect, with more muscles involved in the exercise, over each part of the movement.

10 minutes per day

Full gym in 1 product

Lift heavy and protect your joints

Train anywhere and whenever you want

Created by Dr. John Jaquish

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Why is X3 more effective than traditional weights?

Research showed that X3 builds muscles more effectively than traditional strength training, which we know from e.g. the fitness centers.​

Maximize muscle growth

With X3, the weight increases as you move from the weak zone (near the chest) to the strong zone (near full extension), where you are able to produce 7x more force. This allows you to safely train with greater force than you would with weights, triggering greater muscle growth.

All you need is one set

X3’s strength training program is both less time-consuming and significantly reduces the risk of overloading joints, which is most often where the problems arise, during heavy training with free weights and machines, because they do not use adaptive resistance to the same extent as the X3 system.

Here are some of our 5 star reviews

X3 is the ultimate training equipment! It is the best investment in my own health that I have made in my life! I have been training with the system for over 2 years and I love it!
Martin Christian Koch
5 stars on trustpilot
X3bar is a superb product if you want to save a lot of time and at the same time see incredibly beautiful results. It's an expensive investment here and now, but it's relatively quickly repaid when you look at what it costs to go to the gym. I spend 12-18 minutes, but there are people who claim they do it in 10 minutes.
Simon H
5 stars on trustpilot
X3Bar has been a life changing game changer for me. Pain free training. Results that speak for themselves. See my Instagram profile for my x3bar story
Søren Bøtker
5 stars on trustpilot
Absolutely the coolest purchase ever. Is a small girl of 159 cm, 40+ And 2 children. Training can be done in a snap when the children are sleeping. Not following any diet or regimen but results are amazing nonetheless. You really shouldn't be intimidated by the fact that it may seem a little difficult at first, but you learn it quickly.​
Jannie Andersen
5 stars on trustpilot
Purchase and delivery without problems. Have had my X3 for 2 years and it has completely replaced my need for a fitness subscription. Very good subsequent customer service in connection with extra elastic.
5 stars on trustpilot

More resistance when the body is its strongest.

Minimise the risk of injury.

Easy on the joints, hard on the muscles.

Muscle exhaustion that sparks muscle growth.

Full "All In one" home gym

x3 elite bar

The patented X3Bar from Jaquish Biomedical special made of alloy steel. Same level as Olympic bars. Steel floor plate and 4 elastic bands with various resistance levels, as well as an extensive 12-week training program.​


Steel floor plate and 4 elastic bands with various resistance levels - Very light, light, medium and heavy. With resistance up to 272KG, you can apply maximum stress to the muscle, which leads to the most optimal muscle growth.


With the purchase of the specially designed X3 bag and the orange elite band, you can save 102,5 € right now


With only 10 minutes a day, you can have trained more effectively than 2 hours in the gym. Save time and become stronger.

5 – 7 day delivery

«People think I have insane genes and don’t exercise, but that’s probably just because I never talk about going to the gym. It’s the X3’s fault.»

– Brian Mondriup

1 X
minutes per day
0- 1
KG resistance
1 %

Approved by professionals

The X3 concept is a fantastic addition to our range. It's joint friendly and the variable resistance with decreasing range of motion is a game changer. We have not been able to replicate it with any other equipment. With the crazy NBA travel times, it also makes for good training on the road".​
Bill Foran
Strength and conditioning coach / Miami Heat

The ultimate solution for training and fat loss

The X3Bar applies variable resistance that closely matches the curve of human strength performance and stimulates optimal hormone release, fat loss and muscle growth for a faster and more effective workout.

Combine your training with Fortagen and boost your muscle growth and fat loss

Essential amino acids (EAA) are the building blocks of protein. EAAs promote muscle growth, increase fat loss and speed recovery.

With only 4 calories, Fortagen delivers the highest protein nutritional value available at nearly 100%.

Only 10 g (one portion) Fortagen provides as much usable protein as 50 g of whey.

What X3 does for others everyday

"X3 is a super product..! Now I myself have been going to the fitness center and strength training for almost 15 years. Then I sat on the net and investigated this X3Bar more closely. After trying it for a while, I can really feel that my need for a fitness center is not that relevant at all, as the X3 can fulfill everything in terms of my training. So a very satisfied customer here"
Marck Hemmingsen
“Brilliant product. Gives me more resistance than I could ever handle safely using free weights without stressing your joints, ligaments or connecting tissue. I was a religious gym goer for 20 years but this product is a game changer. 4 weeks in and I have already suspended my gym membership. I was very sceptical at first as things sounded ‘too good to be true’ – but trust me it works. It is insanely effective. I only wish I had known about it years ago."
Eugene Pienaar
"I'm one of those people who always start on Monday, check in and out of gyms and generally find excuses not to exercise. With x3 I've found something that works and something that's over in 10 minutes a day. It motivates me, and already after 3 weeks I can see results."​
Markus Wacker